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INTENT : Design a light fixture that is flat packed and user assembled

DURATION : 2 weeks

FABRICATION : Laser cutter



Over the summer of my sophomore year I had the opportunity to intern for Yoshihara Furniture Co. (YFCO) where I assisted in fabricating furniture using traditional woodworking techniques. As I continued to work at YFCO during the school year I took the opportunity to use this school project to explore what a lighting fixture could look like under the same brand language I was picking up at YFCO. The result of this 2 week exploration, from design to final fabrication, showcases a light fixture that can utilize the excess veneer found around the wood shop, efficient fabrication methods that are user friendly, as well as a scaleable model for large orders. 






Over the course of interning for YFCO I developed an understanding of their brand language. For a design language best characterized as mid century modern, I drew inspiration from the cage structure of other lights of that era while thinking about the constraints placed on the project.



Materials and Methods

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Walnut veneer and 3/16th" plywood were used for this project. Reflecting on YFCO's brand language, walnut was chosen as the main material. The plywood offered a laser cut-able base structure that would be used for the cage. The veneer was cut to optimize the maximum yield from the material during manufacturing.