PROMPT : Design a nesting broom and dustpan to explore product semantics

DURATION : 3 weeks

FABRICATION : Vacuum forming polystyrene and forming wooden handle



In our first quarter of the Industrial Design program our projects focused on form studies as well as basic user studies to understand how problem solving and form giving are leveraged in design. The challenge in this project became managing vacuum forming polystyrene, which meant understanding how to design with draft angles in mind when creating molds while simultaneously creating affordances that solved some of the pains we identified in existing broom and dustpan designs. The following design is a result of those constraints, problems identified, and obsessive attention to detail.



Our first task was to use existing household broom and dustpan sets to see what pain points stand out.

IMG_6067 copy.jpg
IMG_6078 copy.jpg


The removal of the broom from the dustpan required grabbing the bristle end which is not a pleasant experience. 


See that hole provided to hang the dustpan? Me either. The current design requires training from Mr. Miyagi to ensure that you are able to hang your cleaning equipment when you wax on and off.


Here I explored a few different nesting concepts while keeping mind that they would have to be manufactured by vacuuming forming.

Concept A.jpg

Concept A

Concept B.jpg

Concept B

Concept C.jpg

Concept C

Concept C Exploration


paper model.jpg

Constructing paper prototypes helped me better define the dimensions of the dustpan as well as aid in the mold making process

Once the styrene was cut from from the mold the next step was achieving the press fit to marry the broom and dustpan. With the right measurements I was able to lathe the handle to the perfect diameter. I then took the handle to a manual mill to drill the holes.